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In 2010 the Town of Stratford commissioned a study on shoreline erosion.

Over a period of forty-five years, the rate in the Lobster Point / Keppoch area was
calculated at 6" - 8" per year, and the photos here suggest an even lower rate.
This rate is very low for PEI considering some areas of the Island were measured
in excess of 6 feet per year with others as high as 15 feet per year!
This should be a warning to any potential purchaser of waterfront property on P.E.I.

“Coastal Erosion and Shoreline Classification Project”
See page 76 of the study

* There is one area that was about 5-6 feet from the bank where a tree was removed with a tree spade leaving a four foot
diameter hole. That hole eventually washed out into the bank causing abnormal erosion in that one specific area.

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