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~ Keppoch Beach ~

Keppoch Beach is an Island secret. Bounded by private land, the beach is primarily accessible only by land owners. Lying  on P.E.I.’s South Shore, the Beach borders the warm waters of the Northumberland Strait. It is probably the warmest, good swimming, sandy beach on the island. The sand flats and tidal pools soak up the sun’s heat during low tide and as the tide rises, the warm waters of Hillsborough Bay flow in over the sand and the pools raising the already warm waters to very pleasant temperatures.

Keppoch Beach from the air. The historic Bayfield - Jaynes home can be seen on the left

251 Sundance Lane and the beach at low tide

Keppoch in the foreground, Sundance Ln - centre, Kinlock Beach - background

Lazy Summer days at Keppoch

Getting ready to launch as the tide washes in over the sand flats

Looking back at the beach from the property.

A yacht sits just off the beach. The property sits upon the cliff on the left.

A rare foggy afternoon on Keppoch Beach

Lobster Point

Directly below the property lies a natural spring dispensing fresh, cool water from the rocks that form the cliff.
Stick a shell into the side of the cliff and a stream of clear refreshing water will cascade into your cupped hands.
For generations upon generations this spring has provided beach-goers with refreshment.
Here a couple of girls take advantage of natures canteen as their dog wades in the water.

St. Peter's Island in the background through the trees.

Warm Summer day at the beach

A couple strolls the beach at low tide.

For those who think winter on P.E.I. starts early, the following videos were taken November 13, 2010

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